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Google Culturomics Overview

A topic which got some mild buzz in both the linguistics community and the Star Wars community is the Google word frequency tool they have been publicizing. For one linguistic view, see my Linguist in the Wild blog entry – … Continue reading

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New Media Seminar Week 8 Rewind: Education and Top Chef

Way back in Week 8 of the recent New Media seminar, there was a reading on Learning Webs which discussed current structure of the K-12 educational system and whether it could be tweaked to a more personalized boutique system in … Continue reading

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Teens Who Won’t Tweet

We’ve all heard that teens don’t usually Tweet, and a 16-year old guest writing for the Read-Write Web explains that this generalization is true. Like a few of us older adults, many teens have rejected Tweeting…but not for the same … Continue reading

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New Media Seminar Final Thoughts

We wrapped up the Baylor New Media Seminar this week, and our discussion turned again to the format. I think almost all of us had a love/hate relationship with the selected readings from The New Media Reader (MIT Press). I … Continue reading

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New Media Seminar Week Final!: Comics and Design

We ended this seminar with a reading from Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics which was presented in…comic format. Frames and Time The topic was “Frames” or how we interpret the passing of time based on the sequence of panels. Perhaps the … Continue reading

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