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Cupcakes, Creativity and Women in STEM

An issue that I and other continue to ponder is why it remains difficult to attract women to STEM fields (math, engineering, science). Despite Larry Summer’s unfortunate remarks, I do think that there are more women capable of participating in … Continue reading

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Emboirdery Wins at NMC!

If you haven’t seen my Twitter or Facebook post…I am very excited to announce that one of my embroidery designs won an award at the 1st NMC Science Art show. I will also take this opportunity to show off my … Continue reading

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Elizabeth’s Accessibility Testing Protocol

A question that has come up on the TLT “A-Team” (that would be A for accessibility) is how to provide a simplified testing protocol. For a while, we’ve been trying to come up with one tool to replace the current … Continue reading

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NMC Five Minutes of Typo Fame

Can I make through to the demo? TypoatNMC.pptx

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Mac Office 2011 DOES Have Alt Tagging for Images!!!

One of my back burner issues for accessifying Microsoft Office docs is that, until recently, only the Windows version of PowerPoint, Word and Excal had the tool to add Alt Tags (the text that reads a description of an image … Continue reading

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Superman May Break Copyright Barrier

As some of you may know, the Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998 is fondly known as the “Mickey Mouse Law” because it preserves Disney’s Mickey Mouse copyright for another 20 years. We’ll see what happens to Mickey Mouse in … Continue reading

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Struggling to Simplify Accessibility

An issue that keeps coming up in accessibility discussions if how we can simplify it, but the goal remains elusive, and will probably remain so. I think there is a way it can be done, but you have to understand … Continue reading

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