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TLT Symposium Presentation on Blockers


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What Genre is your Instructional Story?

At the last All-ID meeting, we had a good discussion of crafting your presentation (and instructional content) as a story, but some of asked “What kind of story?” A TED talk by Nancy Duarte discusses how many successful speakers vary … Continue reading

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How to Accessify the NCAA Brackets? Hint: Forget ALT Tags

I just found a great resource on accessifying technical (STEM) diagrams, from WGBH NCAM, but there’s one diagram they did not cover – the NCAA Basketball Bracket diagram. Obviously, any kind of ALT diagram will be very very long and … Continue reading

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MathML 2012 Update

I had heard rumors (partly via Jerry Maddox) that you could actually post the same flavor of MathML on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, and it would actually WORK. I was able to do just that today. You can see … Continue reading

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