Firefox ESR 10 – A Way to Slow Down Firefox Upgrades

I love Firefox, but not necessarily the rapid upgrade cycle. The issue isn’t so much the speed, but the fact that my plugins can’t keep up, particularly my Firefox Accessibility plugins.

On the other hand, I don’t want to miss security updates either. A solution I found was to install Firefox 10 ESR (for Extended Service Release). This will essentially freeze my system at Firefox 10, and the only upgrades I will be required to install will be the security upgrades – which are much less frequent.

The tradeoff is that I might miss some cool features in the newer Firefoxes, but I also know my plugins will keep working. I won’t be able to stave off the upgrade messages forever though. When Firefox 17 comes out, the plan is that I will be asked to migrate to Firefox 17 ESR. Hopefully that won’t come until some time after Memorial Day.

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