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Breaking and Mending Your Students’ Heart in Anthropology

One of the more interesting themes I’m seeing in my music Coursera course is the theme of re-examning world music through different eyes. Like most students in the course, I decided to join the course because I am interested in … Continue reading

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Elizabeth’s Taking a MOOC in Coursersa

I was searching the Coursera catalog and found a music appreciation course that intrigued me. So naturally I had to check it out. This is a report of what the experience has been like. Before I get into the nitty … Continue reading

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Why “Accessify” is a Word

The accessibility been using the verb “accessify” in recent months and a question that has come up is – “Is accessify a word?” My answer is yes, and most linguists would agree. Here’s why: It Sounds Like English With very … Continue reading

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