PSEL: Caption Vendor Assessment

One stretch assignment I did early in the year was to lead a group to evaluate multiple caption vendors. I recruited and worked with a group multimedia and learning design specialists who had worked with the captioning process. As a group we developed an evaluation rubric which included parameters such as pricing, server security, guaranteed accuracy levels and other technical requirements.

After that we were able to contact a set of vendors to learn more about their services and then wrote a report evaluating their services. Originally the idea was to form a more centralized service, but for different reasons this has not yet been implemented. However, we did learn enough to make recommendations we could share with other units. I also learned more about the captioning process in general, and since this is so central to accessibility, I have more information to share with the community.

I guess the lesson here is that few “assignments” at Penn State lead to outcomes originally intended, but that no experience is completely wasted.

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