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SDR Accessibility Files

Zip files to download. Office Accessibility (Zip) PDF Accessibility (Zip)

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A Visit to Maker Commons

This post documents the experience of getting a print from the Penn State Maker Commons service. The good thing about Maker Commons is that you don’t need direct access to a 3D printer nor do you need to learn how … Continue reading

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Leadership Philosophy

As a leader, I will rely on the expertise of my team and colleagues but provide vision and direction to move us forward. I will strive to maintain calm in the face of chaos and communicate clearly in a sea … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Storytelling Animal

About the Book This book reviews the roles and uses people make of “narratives”, both the positives of using stories to teach cultural morals and negatives of people being deluded by their own stories and nightmares. I became interested in … Continue reading

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Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

About the Book Obstensibly, this book is about “self-segregation” or the idea that many African American students will, in fact, sit and work together in a racially mixed environment. Ultimately though, it is an explanation of how African Americans experience … Continue reading

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ID-2-ID: What is my Learning Objective?

LING 100 As an instructional designer we’re always asking faculty to think beyond “topics” and determine what the true “learning objectives” are. That is, what skills should a student have when they exit the course. This can be particularly tricky … Continue reading

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Accessibility: Should We Kill the Carousel?

The more I work with accessibility, the more I see the connection that accessibility and usability are strongly tied together. If a type of interface element is difficulty to make “accessible”, chances are that there may be a problem with … Continue reading

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ID-2-ID: The More Things Change…

One lesson I have gotten from this is that communication over the phone adds an extra layer of challenge to the relationship. I know I’m still interrupting (I think eastern urbanites tend to jump in quickly so they don’t lose … Continue reading

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ID2ID: Always Good to Review the Basics (Dirksen)

This year I’ve been participating in the Penn State ID-2-ID instructional designer mentoring program with another ID from the University of Nebraska. One of our “assignments” was to read and discuss a book together. The one we chose was Julie … Continue reading

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Actors Replacing Instructors?

Campus Technology has an article in a recent issue about Purdue using actors instead of instructors to present video content. At first I had a knee jerk “The Apcolypse is here” reaction, but the article raised some interesting points worth … Continue reading

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