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A Russian Pop Music Blog From ….

I know it’s another foreign language example, but … I do like this Far from Moscow blog which combines audio, picture and photos to get you the latest info on the Russian pop music scene. This is a totally Web … Continue reading

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Parody Blogs – Another Benefit to Blogging

Sometimes blogs get a bad name (because, let’s face it, some blogs are better than others). But if we didn’t have bad blogs, where would we get parody blogs from? Like this gem from Santa Clause: Sunday 23 December 07 … Continue reading

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Squeezing in Blogging

Another blog how-to article from the New York Times caught my eye, and I thought I would follow its advice and post to my blog. like this article because it addresses a complaint I hear from my busy colleagues – … Continue reading

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Book Review: Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts

We’re selecting books to recommend for the upcoming TLT Symposium, and we thought we would blog about some of them. One of our likely selections will be Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for the Classroom by Will … Continue reading

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Does Course Content Matter for Instructional Design?

I used to be involved in a project which created Flash animations and graphics for different courses. One question I was asked was how applicable it was across disciplines. For instance, do I really expect a philosophy instructor be interested … Continue reading

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People are Blog Migrating

When you’re in the trenches of tech support, it can be hard to tell if your documentation is helpful or so confusing no one knows how to begin to formulate a question. But I’ve been seeing that my colleagues are … Continue reading

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I Migrated A Blog

We have “Blog Migration Documentation” at, but I thought I should walk the talk. First, I found earlier that the export files from IE7 are funky to say the least, so I used Firefox (and documented this new quirk). … Continue reading

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OK Maybe an Open Blog can Work

I just saw that my ETS colleague Brad Kozlek wrote about open blogging in a science lab and I honestly have to agree that this is a good model. In a recent round table with instructors using Blogs at Penn … Continue reading

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Are Blogs Notebooks?

We’ve been having some interesting discussions on how the expand and explain the full capabilities of our Movable Type Platform. Movable Type is the engine for Blogs at Penn State, but blogs are not it’s only capability. With the new … Continue reading

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Blogging Update from Linguistics Course

Now that the semester is winding down, I did want to talk a little bit about how blogging is progressing in my course and if either the students or the instructor have learned anything. A while ago, I wrote what … Continue reading

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