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Sloan-C Merlot Conference Review

Last week, I went to the Sloan-C/Merlot Emerging Technology Conference to present a tutorial on accessibility issues. Below is a report of some of the themes from the conference. Note: The Sloan Consortium (aka Sloan-C) is an organization devoted to … Continue reading

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Big Bang Star Wars Divide

One of the more vigorous and interesting debates at last week’s Game day wasn’t about games but how important it was to see Star Wars. This may seem like a trivial pop culture debate, but it actually points to an … Continue reading

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Back from Sloan-C

Sloan-C is a huge conference and I got a chance to view presentations on a number of topics. I did find a few recurring themes though. Mobile Tech in Education I went to several report outs on different mobile projects … Continue reading

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New Media Seminar Final Thoughts

We wrapped up the Baylor New Media Seminar this week, and our discussion turned again to the format. I think almost all of us had a love/hate relationship with the selected readings from The New Media Reader (MIT Press). I … Continue reading

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Example of Medium vs Message

I think we would all agree that this week’s “New Media Reader” essay was a little difficult to digest, but I did want to end the week with a light hearted wrap up. I was listening to a recording of … Continue reading

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M-Learning in Africa: Lessons in Adapting

One of the projects I’ve been working on is a Global Snapshot conference in which teams have been capturing comparative data about e-learning and m-learning around the world. I’ve been working on researching Africa in particular. Someone asked what ETS … Continue reading

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Those Kids Today….

Tony Bates pointed out a new research article indicating that college students are less empathetic today than a few decades ago. Tony Bates is skeptical, and frankly so am I. Here’s my favorite headline: Today’s college students are not as … Continue reading

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Your Connectivity is Freaking Me Out

The recent criticism of Facebook’s lack of transparency in its new privacy settings has restirred the pot on the Web vs privacy debate. While some like danah boyd are concerned, others like Jeff Jarvis seem to think the issue is … Continue reading

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EmotionML – A Real XML Schema

Something that caught my eye in the weekly W3C Newsletter was the release of EmotionML 1.0 XML schema (link corrected). The main purpose is to annotate emotional reaction within a recording (video/audio, but conceivably text as well), but the other is … Continue reading

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My Mission Statement as a Graphic

Every now an again, I am involved in discussions about either defining the role in ETS or my role as an instructional designer – preferably in a short sentence. This has been remarkably difficult and subject to interpretation, but for … Continue reading

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