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New Media Seminar Week 6: “The Medium is the Message”

This semester I have been participating in a seminar on new media, and we did an overview of the meme “The medium is the message” originated by Marshall McLuhan. I should admit up front that I only had time to … Continue reading

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New Media Seminar Week 5: Behold the Personal Computer

The good news is that I finally made it to a New Media discussion in ETS. This week’s discussion focused on the paper Personal Dynamic Media, a paper by Alan Kay and Adele Goldbergdating to the 1970s. This is a … Continue reading

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Periodic Table Design: The Good, the Bad and the Pretty?

One of the most unique reference tools people will use is the periodic table of chemical elements. This is a tool where not only each block in the table has information (about each element), but the layout also has a … Continue reading

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Unsual Online Graphic Tools

Here’s an interesting Web-based graphics tool I ran into very circuitously. It started out with a message about dueling church signson the theme of what happens to your canine companion in the after life. However, I checked and found … Continue reading

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Book Review: Shut and Shoot Documentary Guide

My Video Angst So here’s my ongoing video dilemma – one I think shared by a lot of instructors and some instructional designers who are not video professionals share. While I think video is a powerful communication tool, and one … Continue reading

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iPad – Bigger is Better

I was finally able to obtain an iPad this week, and already I am in love with it. I’ll try not to overlap too much with comments from my colleagues Jeff Swain, Cole Camplese and other satisfied users. My main … Continue reading

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iMix for Fun & Non-Profit Learning

Offering Cheap and Legal Files An issue that comes up in some classes is how to legally license music files for classes in foreign language, history/sociology or music. Traditionally instructional designers have recommended services such as ITS Streaming or one … Continue reading

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Not sure about iPad, but that’s OK

We were having a discussion about the upcoming iPad and what it might mean for education. I admit to being very excited by it (to the point that I might actually BUY one). Reviewing the specs, I can see that … Continue reading

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A mashup tool I ran into a while ago is Montage-A-Google by Grant Robinson. This is a Flash-based app in which you enter a Google search term and it generates a montage of different images pulled up in the search. … Continue reading

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“Race” and Genetics Demo

How different are the “races” really? According to the graphic on not that much. This is a great Flash demo that shows that while there is a relatively large amount of diversity in Africa, the home of homo sapiens … Continue reading

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