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Accessibility for Novice Web Designers?

Right now I’m archiving some Teaching with Technology portfolios, which are online teaching portfolios created by Penn State graduate students, and every semester I face the same conundrum. On the one hand, we want to make the process of creating … Continue reading

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I can’t believe I just used the <u> (underline) tag!

OK we’re not supposed to the <u> (underline) tag because it confuses readers who might think an item is a link when it’s not. But surprisingly…it still has it’s uses. For instance, I use the <cite> tag for book titles … Continue reading

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HTML Tables are Not Evil…Just the Bad Ones

This is inspired by a fight I was having with a content management system trying to create a properly accessible data table. Those of us who follow Web standards and accessibility have heard the mantra that layout tables are bad. … Continue reading

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PDF Likely an ISO Standard

According to this news story from Ars Technica, it appears that the Adobe PDF format will likely be recognized as an international standard by the international ISO standards organization. A lot of formats from commercial vendors have become de facto … Continue reading

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Beware CSS for Superscript/Subcript

Superscripts/Subscripts as “Presentation” Both HTML and XHTML include the SUP tag for superscripts and the SUB tag for subscripts. However, if you’ve been involved in the standards communities, you may be “warned” against using the SUP and SUB tags and … Continue reading

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