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Book Review: The Storytelling Animal

About the Book This book reviews the roles and uses people make of “narratives”, both the positives of using stories to teach cultural morals and negatives of people being deluded by their own stories and nightmares. I became interested in … Continue reading

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Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

About the Book Obstensibly, this book is about “self-segregation” or the idea that many African American students will, in fact, sit and work together in a racially mixed environment. Ultimately though, it is an explanation of how African Americans experience … Continue reading

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ID-2-ID: What is my Learning Objective?

LING 100 As an instructional designer we’re always asking faculty to think beyond “topics” and determine what the true “learning objectives” are. That is, what skills should a student have when they exit the course. This can be particularly tricky … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Academic Publishing Be More like iTunes?

Kindle works fairly well for novels and light non-fiction, but I have always wondered why academic publishing can’t be more like iTunes or even like journals in the Libraries. Why can’t we allow users to purchase chapters? And why to … Continue reading

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Are Certificates Badges?

The other week I attended a webinar run by the fine folks at the Turnitin Academy and they thoughtfully sent me a certificate of completion. At this point I thought “Is this certificate just a big rectangular badge?” at which … Continue reading

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Elizabeth’s Taking a MOOC in Coursersa

I was searching the Coursera catalog and found a music appreciation course that intrigued me. So naturally I had to check it out. This is a report of what the experience has been like. Before I get into the nitty … Continue reading

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What Genre is your Instructional Story?

At the last All-ID meeting, we had a good discussion of crafting your presentation (and instructional content) as a story, but some of asked “What kind of story?” A TED talk by Nancy Duarte discusses how many successful speakers vary … Continue reading

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Ditching the Final Paper For a Blog

Last semester I got to teach a sociolinguistics course (connecting language and social issues) and got ro reconsider what the capstone assignment should be. The content of the course is diverse enough that the traditional assignment has been a final … Continue reading

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LDSC11 Globalization Game Questions

In Matt Meyers wrap up about the recent Learning Design Summer Camp, he comments that we didn’t have a chance to discuss the educational implications. Although anything can be improved, I was hoping to use the game cards we handed … Continue reading

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Student Deadline Disconnect

This semester, I’ve been assigning students in my tech course different types of technology tasks as homework. Some they have found success with, some not so much. How do I know? By the homework that comes in on time…or not. … Continue reading

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