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Teens Who Won’t Tweet

We’ve all heard that teens don’t usually Tweet, and a 16-year old guest writing for the Read-Write Web explains that this generalization is true. Like a few of us older adults, many teens have rejected Tweeting…but not for the same … Continue reading

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Book Review: Txtng, The Gr8 Db8 (link)

FYI – Just posted a review to Txtng: The Gr8 Db8 by David Crystal, the author of several linguistics books written for the non-specialist audience, fills in this gap for the texting (aka SMS) quite nicely on my Linguist in … Continue reading

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Getting Visitor Interaction…The Hard Way

A concern in recent years here at ETS has been how to encourage interaction with the online community. I’ve stumbled on to one way to increase interaction – typos and broken links. A depressing yet heartening fact is that I … Continue reading

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The Interesting Point in danah boyd’s Web 2.0 Expo Speech

As some of you may have learned 2 months ago, danah boyd was rather nastily critiqued on the Twitter screen behind her during her Web 2.0 Expo keynote video. For those of you “not in the loop”, what happened was … Continue reading

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Stupid Google Doc Rediscover Email for Sharing Trick

This one of the stupider workarounds, but given the lack of information on the Web, I thought I would share anyway. If there’s a better way to do this, let me know (after you’ve done laughing). Problem I can figure … Continue reading

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Jakob Nielsen & Twitter Usability

If Jakob Nielsen is writing a usability article, we know Twitter is now 100% mainstream. Interestingly, this article though only covers release of corporate news information with tips for both writing punchy copy and for timing (9:01 is better than … Continue reading

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A Year of Twitter

As we celebrate the 1st anniversary of the ETS Learning Design Summer Camp, I remember that I have another anniversary to celebrate – a year of Twitter. It was at a dinner last year that Robin2Go finally convinced me to … Continue reading

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Why do I Duplicate So Much Documentation?

I’ve been on many projects where I spend time rewriting content – both technical documentation and course content. It seems to defy logic because if this content is already created why should another version be needed? Shouldn’t a link be … Continue reading

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Hooray for danah boyd

I have to say that one of the best keynote speakers I have seen in a while was danah boyd. I don’t want to just gush in a blog, so just to elaborate, I respected the keynote because: We got … Continue reading

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Need a Free Green Flash Sun Photo ?

I recently did the copyright & free graphic session of the Winterfest Digital Media Day, with accompanying handout (FindingImages.pdf). I have to confess that images hold a special place in my heart pedagogy wise. As much as I love text, … Continue reading

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