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Desire2Learn Impressions from Annual Conference

Two weeks ago, I was asked to attend to attend the annual Desire2Learn (D2L) Fusion conference, partly to scope out their accessibility initiatives, but also to get some impressions of their product and corporate culture. My main comparison of course … Continue reading

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Create UMG (User Management Group) for PSU Course

The UMG utility is a good way to manage access to certain Penn State online tools such as protected blogs. For instance, the UMG allows you to connect a protected blog to a course roster which updates itself automatically. Details … Continue reading

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Google Culturomics Overview

A topic which got some mild buzz in both the linguistics community and the Star Wars community is the Google word frequency tool they have been publicizing. For one linguistic view, see my Linguist in the Wild blog entry – … Continue reading

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Headphones…On a Phone

This week I tested a piece of equipment I’ve been curious about…headphones which plug in to my phone. I tested it when I used the phone to call in to Monday’s NMC Adobe Monday’s meeting. It was very easy – … Continue reading

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Electronic Reserves: An “Unglamourous” But Successful Service

Electronic Reserves – a University Libraries Service in which instructors request library content for their courses to be digitized and made available online to students. A few of these documents may be streamed music or online images, but truthfully most … Continue reading

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Create a Comic Strip

We’ve seen courses, especially social sciences, in which students are sometimes asked to write scenarios. Maybe it’s a vignette on a diversity issue or maybe you might be asked to write a script the miniseries on Balboa’s discovery of the … Continue reading

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