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An Initial HTML 5 Test

HTML 5 has been suggested as an alternate for interactive apps such as games and multimedia, so I thought I would join in on the testing fun. My actual interest is actually a basic one – how difficult is it … Continue reading

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Can there be Accesibility 2.0?

We all have our favorite Web 2.0 apps (even cynical old me), but it cannot be denied that any new Internet technology must inevitably be followed by accessibility issues. That’s just part of the new Internet cycle. Fortunately, this is … Continue reading

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What made me switch to XHTML? XSLT!

I read an interesting article from HTML Goodies reminding me that the switch to XHTML was mostly hype for a long time As Philbin points out, most of the reasons given aren’t valid. This is because XHTML and HTML … Continue reading

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