Here are a few technology tools I use to present information to students.


Avoiding PowerPoint

Some classes, I use PowerPoint, but sometimes I don’t as a generalization I avoid PowerPoint in phonology class when I am using a lot of linguistics data and phonetics fonts and asking students to analyze them on the spot. Squinting at text on a large screen just isn’t conducive to what I’m trying to teach.

Sample Phonetics Table (in Word, but NOT PowerPoint)

Dinstinctive Vowel Features in English
Feature i ɪ e ɛ u ʊ o ɔ æ a ʌ ə
[±high] + + + +
[±low] + +
[±back] + + + + + + +
[±ATR] + + + + +
[±round] + + + +


When I can use PowerPoint

I did switch to PowerPoint for sociolinguistics since concepts are more general and lend themselves to being discussed. Here is a sample presentation on ColorsNumberCulturetoUpload

Audio and Video Links

I rarely use Powerpoint in the classroom, but I like to play audio clips for sounds of the world in the classroom such as the ones listed below.


A great site for audio samples is the UCLA Phonetics Lab Data page.


YouTube and the Internet in general is a great source to see how people REALLY talk in different situations. Below are some sample links I use to demonstrate code-switching (when a person switches back and forth between languages)