Penn State Symposium on Election Security
The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center, University Park, PA
December 3, 2018

8:00-9:00     Breakfast and Welcome

9:00-9:30     Welcome

Eric J. Barron, President, Penn State University
Hari Osofsky, Dean, Penn State Law and the School of International Affairs
Justin Schwartz, Harold and Inge Marcus Dean, College of Engineering
Patrick McDaniel, Director, Institute for Network and Security Research

9:30-10:30     Keynote: Principles and Protocols for Transparent Counting of Secret Ballots
Andrew Appel, Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University

10:30-11:00     Break (refreshments)

11:00-12:15     Panel: 2018 Midterm Election Security Retrospective
J. Alex Halderman, Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Michigan
Candice Hoke, Founding Co-Director Center for Cybersecurity & Privacy Protection
Steven Bellovin, Percy K. and Vidal L. W. Hudson Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University
David Jefferson, Board Member, Verified Voting
Moderator: Patrick McDaniel, Director, Institute for Network and Security Research

12:15-1:30     Lunch (provided)
Election Cybersecurity, Cyber Conflict, and the National Security Picture
David Mussington Ph.D. CISSP, Professor of the Practice, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

1:30-2:45     Panel: Regulatory and Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG)
Mary Saunders, Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy, American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
Edgardo Cortés, Election Security Advisor, Brennan Center’s Democracy Program
Doug Jones, Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Iowa
Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Chief Technologist, Center for Democracy and Technology
Moderator: Barbara Simons, IBM Research (retired) and Board Chair, Verified Voting

2:45-3:15     Break (refreshments)

3:15-4:30     Panel: Election Policy and Regulatory Structures
Jonathan M. Marks, PA Commissioner, Bureau of Commissions, Elections, and Legislation
Mark Lindeman, Senior Science and Technology Policy Officer, Verified Voting
Marian Schneider, President, Verified Voting Foundation
Trevor Potter, President, Campaign Legal Center
Moderator: Scott Gartner, Director, Penn State School of International Affairs

4:30-5:00     Closing and Adjourn
Patrick McDaniel, Director, Institute for Network and Security Research