More of the Same.

It’s so easy to blame luck for your failures here and there. But the more you do it, the more evident it becomes that it has nothing to do with luck and that it is in fact your own fault. This is a great way to summarize my fantasy football season. After watching my star player, promising rookie running back Dalvin Cook, go down for a season ending ACL injury I find myself with an exceedingly mediocre team of players that have potential, but constantly fail to reach it. It is easy to say that the reason for my struggles is based on the fact that I have good players that are simply not registering good stats. But inevitably I must take the blame for myself; after all I made the decisions that got me here. 

I made many adjustments this week, finally deciding to cut TE Austin Hooper and add RB Alex Collins of the Baltimore Ravens, a nobody that had a surprisingly good game against the Steelers last weekend. Is he the solution? No probably not, but at this point I am trying to be as scrappy as possible, and if this works out the payoff will be great. I also picked up WR/RB Ty Montgomery, who is an interesting player, that can get touches at two positions, which has lead to some great fantasy numbers dating to last year; but also some slumps. Lets hope for the best. In the past I have found that you can salvage a season by looking to injured player’s back ups to shine when a star player goes down. Such was the case with Charkandrick West when Jamaal Charles got injured a couple of years ago. For this reason I am going to take a chance on Latavius Murray the RB for the Minnesota Vikings. Last year, Murray played a decent roll as the starter for the Raiders but has not seem much action as Cook’s back up this year. Based on his past performance and Minnesota’s tendency and ability to run the ball I decided I would pick him up and cut Matt Forte, who it seems has seen the best of his days come and go.

My record currently sits at 2-2. Which is worrying because it seems that I have a bad game, followed by a mediocre game in which I barely get the win. As I lost last week it is obviously my turn to win; and as I look to my opponent who is currently starting 5 players that are on a bye week, it seems that I should most certainly pick up the win. But even with something as sure as this, I feel nervous as if I might still lose.

I have also decided to bench Russell Wilson. He is proof to my theory that you must consider not only the talent of the player you select, but also the talent of the teammates. Russell Wilson is behind what is proving to be the worst o-line in all of football; which has lead to countless sacks, fumbles and interceptions. A player with such volatile changes to statistics is a risk to start; so I will go on with the less impressive but more consistent Philip Rivers.

As I look forward, I am nervous to see the season unfolds. I usually aspire to score the most points or be in the top 4 places. But due to the circumstances, if I can get into the playoffs I will consider myself to be lucky. One thing is for sure, I would be happy just to get some bragging rights over my friends and win a couple of head to head match ups. In a season that seems inevitably doomed, the least I can ask for is that. It is going to be an interesting ride from here on out.

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