You talking about playoffs?

Much like the legendary Jim Mora rant I find myself begging to stay alive, win a couple more games and make it to the first round of the playoffs. After bragging about how I was in perfect shape and turning my season around I have lost two straight games and now find my self in the middle of the pack with a 6-4 record. It could be worse, but then again it could be way better as well; all in all I hope that the measures I take will ensure me a playoff spot and the ability to say that at least my season was not a complete waste.

After posting sub 100 point games back to back I find myself wondering what the problem is. The first, was the fact that I had to sit half of my starters during week 9 because I foolishly selected 5 players that were on a bye week, of which 4 played for the same team. While selecting good players on the same team can be awfully beneficial, in this case it came back to haunt me, as most of my offensive production went out the window. And while I had monster performances from T.Y. Hilton, and Russell Wilson, who put up 25 and 14 points respectively, everybody else was non existing. I did not have another player over 10 points on the day. When you combine this with the fact that I faced the best team this year and that they put up 131 points, you can see exactly where my frustration is coming from. This is my own fault, for being to lazy to look for trades and for not investing enough time into a game that I have been extremely passionate about for the past 3 years. Oh well.

Last weeks performance was an anomaly. A week that saw LeSean McCoy and T.Y. Hilton, two of my most productive player contribute only a total of 6 fantasy points. In addition, I was once again cheated by the ridiculous rule that subtracts 2 fantasy points every time my quarterback gets sacked, a day that otherwise would have been worth 17 points was worth only 7 as Russell Wilson had an amazing offensive day despite playing behind the worst offensive line in football.

What can be done? Well, at this point not much. The trade deadline has come and gone, and now I must rely only on the waiver wire to look for new talents in unexpected places. Who knows, maybe with the Thanksgiving break I might find a couple of interesting players to grab. The most important lesson I can learn is the one that coach Mora was so desperately trying to express to the reporters in the video at the beginning. If I want to be successful in this league, I have to avoid self inflicted wounds. It is really that simple. I chose my players and I chose to put off trading them, and therefore, if I am stuck with second tier player than there is nobody to blame but myself. And so as I look eagerly at the playoffs I know that it is up to me, and that if I put in enough research I can come ahead and make the playoffs, but for now, it suffices to finish this blog post and get some rest.