RCL #2: It’s A Passion…

I believe that Addario includes this story in her memoir to emphasize the importance of living a life in a way that you will never cause you to one day wake up with a feeling of regret in your stomach. Addario strives to grasp every opportunity given to her by the throat because she knows that she does not want to find herself in her grandmother’s shoes fifty years down the road. Addario’s grandmother, Nina, had given up her chance at true love to a man who never ate the meals she cooked for him and always shrugged off morning coffee. When Sal, Nina’s true love, shows up at her doorstep fifty years later, Nina is left to reconsider her long-lasting marriage with her current husband, Ernie. This is what Addario wants to avoid throughout her career as a photographer, so she uses this story to motivate her to take the opportunities given to her.

My great-grandmother moved out of her townhouse located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania alongside my great-grandfather about eight years ago to live with my grandparents in Newton, New Jersey. Since the grand piano sat in their living room would have to find a new home, my great-grandmother believed that handing it down to me would be in the piano’s best interest. Ever since I was gifted the piano, I would be assigned songs to learn for her since her arthritis did not allow her to play the way she once played. Years passed on and my great-grandmother could no longer play the piano, and this made her visibly upset. I found out later that she had turned down many musical opportunities to focus on what her parents deemed “more important”. I may not be going for music, but I will not let this passion of mine fade away at the hands of those who would rather see me in an office versus on stage.

I am spreading my love for music and all the musicians who have inspired me to keep my passion even when the going gets tough. Music is a vital part of my life, and I strive to involve myself in every opportunity that I find associated with it because like Addario’s grandmother and my great-grandmother, I do not want to find myself regretting the years spent not doing the things that I love or being with the people that I love.

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  1. Hi Emma!
    I loved hearing about your passion of piano, in fact, piano is a passion of mine too! I liked how your story about your great-grandmother gave me background about how meaningful piano is to you, I think it did thematize your blog well. Are you going to focus on a different musician each blog? I’m looking forward to reading it!

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