RCL #8: A Shift…


Can you guess what cell phones, printers, and the internet all have in common in this day in age? The three items have all become wireless since their origination in the world. Modern-day society is dominated by wireless devices and can be found virtually everywhere you turn. Individuals of all ages own and operate these devices therefore allowing for the evaluation of the paradigm shift that has occurred during the past few decades. All of the items listed above originally required a wired connection making their portability and accessibility limited. In order to make these devices more convenient for the modern-day user, companies have redesigned their products to meet consumers wants and needs.

Working thesis:

The paradigm shift from a connected world to a wireless one has ultimately enhanced the individual’s experience at home and in the workforce.



Individuals used to have to wait for family members to get off the landline in order to make a phone call while internet connection could only be established in rooms with proper connection outlets. The paradigm shift to wireless devices has allowed individuals more accessibility and mobility which has thus benefited the lives of many everyday individuals.

  • House phones to cell phones
    • Many house phones are no longer in use and often serve as a means to collect calls scam artists and financial billers
    • Cell phones are usually put on children’s emergency contact forms in place of house phones
    • The mobility of wireless devices has allowed individuals to stay in contact in times of crises or emergencies
  • Wired internet to wireless connection
    • Laptops can be used from the comfort of your couch or bed
    • Cell phones can be used at any time of day with wireless connection
    • Printers can be set up without having to trip over the numerous wires associated


The workplace used to require mandatory physical presence in order to get paid because the work that was to be done had to be accomplished in the office, but with the evolution of wireless devices, this is no longer mandatory. Many individuals can receive benefits and paychecks for all of their work inside and outside of the office.

  • Business calls on-the-go
    • Employees can make and receive calls while not necessarily being present in their place of work (e.g. vacation, lunchbreak, etc.)
    • The ability to work from home has employed many individuals who are unable to travel due to costs or medical emergencies
    • Vacations can be made without sacrificing one’s position
  • Selling and advertising products
    • Many sales can be processed through wireless devices
      • Stores such as NIKE and Bath and Body Work utilize tablets to sell products to customers when the lines are too long
    • Coupons and discounts are sent out through email and can be presented to retailers on mobile devices
      • QR codes have become an essential part of some retailers marketing strategies


Homes, individuals, and the workplace all incorporate the usage of wireless devices. Personal and business matters can be taken care of at the touch of your fingertips through these devices. Wireless devices have revolutionized the business world and have changed the lives of millions of individuals worldwide. The paradigm shift from wired to wireless has essentially bettered the lives of individuals and has revolutionized modern-day society.

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