RCL #9: An Idea…


The workplace has revolutionized the way in which businesses interact with their consumers, expand their companies, and ultimately thrive as brands. The evolution of wireless devices and connection has increased the mobility of companies by large percentages due to their increasing presence and usage in society. Wireless devices entertain the idea that business can be taken care of anywhere at any time. With the invention of wireless internet connection and cellular phones, the workplace has grown to thrive across all platforms.

Many businesses will attest to the importance of wireless devices in the modern-day workforce because most business is handled through these wireless devices: laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc. These devices can be purchased at almost any retail location where technology is sold and can be used in a multitude of ways. The world is constantly adapting to the inventions of new technology, so in order to analyze the true significance of wireless devices in the workforce, we need to gain insight of how each device impacts business.


  • Business calls on-the-go
    • Employees can make and receive calls while not necessarily being present in their place of work (e.g. vacation, lunchbreak, etc.)
    • The ability to work from home has employed many individuals who are unable to travel due to costs or medical emergencies
    • Vacations can be made without sacrificing one’s position
  • Selling and advertising products
    • Many sales are processed through wireless devices
      • Stores such as NIKE and Bath and Body Work utilize tablets to sell products to customers when the lines are too long
    • Coupons and discounts are sent out through email and can be presented to retailers on mobile devices
      • QR codes have become an essential part of some retailers marketing strategies
  • Service 24/7
    • Customers can have access to the services they need 24/7 because there are employees who are specifically “on call”
    • Information is readily available to customers through websites, calls, etc.
  • Free Wifi
    • The ability for a company to offer its customers this service often times draws in more business
    • Businesses can accumulate customer data and target ads and promotional offers based on their preferences through Wifi


What can we expect from the future?

  • Wireless electricity
  • Wireless medicinal advancements
  • Etc.

The significance of the items we consider “wireless” has revolutionized the workforce in a way that will only benefit consumers and producers. Wireless devices and connection ultimately go hand in hand to allow companies mobility and flexibility among all spectrums. I encourage you all to support what is to come in the future of “wireless”.

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