RCL #10: Contract

“Me Too” Movement

Malisa Yin, Emma Davies, Liz Druschel, Kristin Sickau, Nora Tietjens, Eva Ragonese

For our history of a public controversy movement project, we are going to investigate the controversial “me too” movement that has sparked conversation across social media these last few months. In our video, we will highlight the different opinions on this subject and controversy and how influential it is to our society.

Below is our group contract of our assigned roles for the project:

Editors- Kristin Sickau

This role will fulfill our final edits on the research of our project as well as digital editing of the video.

Filming- Nora Tietjens and Malisa Yin

This role will function as the main camera person and director of the video portion.

Research- Liz Druschel, Emma Davies, and Eva Ragonese

This role will focus on gathering sufficient information to fulfill the video portion of the assignment and research the controversy behind this movement.

Through the project, we will follow our assigned roles and collaborate to create our final project.

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