CI1: Death Penalty

Disclaimer: I admit to being bias towards my own political beliefs in my upcoming blogs. I do not mean to offend any other individual or miseducate. I am simply going to discuss these civic issues in upcoming blogs as if I were with a close friend. I am open to all feedback (preferably positive because I will listen to whatever beliefs you hold and feel the need to share).



It has been up for discussion since the dawn of time, so why does it continue to be one of the most debated topics among individuals?


The Death Penalty.


What is it? The Death Penalty, also referred to legally as “Capital Punishment”, is where an individual is sentenced to death as criminal punishment. Makes sense, right? An individual murders another individual, so that must mean that the only just way to attend to the situation is to murder that individual. What happens though when that individual is innocent for the crimes they were accused? What happens to an individual on death row who does not belong in line for their last breath? What happens to the thousands of innocent individuals every day who are wrongly accused of a crime they did not commit?


This is where the debate arises.


Something that I find interesting about the concept of Capital Punishment is that the majority of individuals on death row have been wrongly accused and are forced to suffer the consequences of being framed or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The majority of these cases also happen to be racially motivated seeing as many cases involving people of color tend to have only been looked at once instead of for approval by the numerous other healthcare professionals who need to be apart of the decision for release. In addition, many individuals who are unable to afford a decent lawyer usually end up in these seats.


On the other hand, there are individuals who have committed such horrendous acts upon other humans while in the presence of other individuals, so it is more likely that this individual deserves the punishment he/she/they are getting- if death really is the only punishment that we think another individual deserves to make up for these horrendous acts.


Food for thought: Imagine you have been wrongly accused of sexually assaulting and murdering children within your town and because you have not been well off in awhile, you can not afford a decent lawyer to defend yourself about these empty claims. You are ultimately sentenced to death. How do you feel? What can you do? How did this happen?


Take some time with me to discuss your stance on any issue listed above.


I feel that civic issues are to be discussed among friends and acquaintances because forming that bond with other individuals can open your mind to a world of opportunities. Remember to be safe in your life and always know that I am up for discussion in the comments below.


Thank you. See you next week!

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