RCL3: Topic For Persuasive Essay

It is wrong for teachers at primary and secondary schools to bear arms in the classroom.

With the current debate in the media and political world, I have decided to argue against what has been suggested as a course of action to prevent any more mass shootings from occuring. Children are dying at the hands of other students who have obtained firearms from their home and local business, so I do not believe that arming teachers is going to prevent these shootings from still occuring on behalf of the fact that student safety could only be ensured by those teachers willing, trained, and knowledgeable about how to act in the situation if it were to ever arise. I believe that this is important to talk about because many individuals do not see the cons of having an education system that promotes gun violence in the sense that guns are the only defense. The conversation around gun control must continue and not stop due to the beliefs of gun-owning individuals. Many teachers have never even held a gun let alone shoot one, and I do not believe that these individuals are paid enough to be responsible for these weapons or defense.

Many individuals support the idea of arming teachers but what those individuals don’t realize is that not everyone is equipped to manage a gun. Teachers are not only being asked to act on impulse, but are often times being asked to aim at a child they have either taught or are teaching at the current moment. Teachers are often times not trained police officers or veterans, so there is no telling as to what a teacher would do in the moment. Often times, an individual with inexperience operating a weapon often has that weapon turned around on them. Another reason why I do not think that arming teachers is the answer is the fact that it is promoting gun violence to adolescents who should not have to grow up worrying about when the next school shooter is coming in and how their teacher is going to protect them. This would terrify me as a child, so I can only imagine the stress associated with the individuals in the primary education system currently. Although arming teachers is aimed at protecting the students and staff, I do not believe that it is an efficient way at combating school safety.

I believe that I am in a position to both strengthen their same belief or convert their belief on arming teachers to my own because I am speaking from a standpoint that is in favor of the children which everyone can agree is the ultimately goal. The children must come first and although guns can prevent mass shootings, proper safety measures beforehand and during a shooting should not need to include firearms.

Research questions:

  1. What would be required in the event that teachers across a state or the nation would be mandated to possess and operate a firearm from within their classroom during an emergency?
  2. What are more friendly alternatives to gun protection within the primary education system?
  3. Should teachers morally be the individuals responsible for stopping a school shooter or should there be a trained professional on site?
  4. Should children be exposed to the knowledge that a gun is the only way to protect themselves in the event of a school shooting?

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