RCL5: Focus for Advocacy Project

I have decided to focus my advocacy around gun control because I believe this a pertinent subject that needs to be advocated for, and I am very passionate about my stance on the matter. Too often, individuals believe that gun control simply means to take away guns because they are misinformed about the other options of control, so I want to make it my mission advocate for and educate on gun control in the most effective manner. I plan on advocating through the use of a website because this information is often at times heavy to understand, so I want there to be a designated place that individuals can go to properly educate themselves on gun control to learn what they can do to help. If there is a centralized source of information for one specific cause, then I believe that the benefits associated from the being directly provided information, and all information at that, will outweigh the arguments against no gun control. A website is also readily available to individuals on a multitude of platforms, so overall I believe that this is the best way to go to advocate for my specific cause.

This cause is specifically important to address, especially in today’s discussion, considering the vast amount of mass shootings that have taken place in not only movie theaters, YouTube HQ, etc., but schools where millions of children lose their lives to the senseless acts committed with a gun. Individuals have far too much access to these violent weapons, especially military grades that are unnecessary for any individual to own if they have not served, so I am advocating for stricter gun control laws to prevent such access to individuals with malicious intentions. My focus is not directly connected to my Persuasive Essay argument, but it is related completely in the sense that arming teachers across America is one of the solutions they have thought about while trying to piece back each of the school communities affected by gun violence. Gun violence, in any form, should not be why each individual is afraid to live their lives. Many individuals have lost their chance at life due to the particularly violent machines because they fell easily into the wrong hands at the wrong time.

My goal for this project is to educate individuals to the best of their ability on the conversation surrounding gun control, and if they stand alongside me, then I believe that I will be able to provide them the sources that they most definitely need to advocate themselves and truly make a difference. I am going to do this by spending as much time researching the issue and providing general and specific information in an aesthetically pleasing manner on the website so that individuals do not hesitate to jump right in when visiting. This is not a cause that can be advocated for on its own, so another goal of mine is to reach as many individuals as I can on this platform. I plan on doing this through the use of social media to draw widespread attention to the information on my site.

The target audience is generally going to be school-aged children through young adults because I believe that these individuals are going to have the most impact on voting in the upcoming election. These millennial and kids of Generation X truly hold the fire within their hearts for almost any cause worth fighting for you can think of unbiasedly. I want to specifically value the importance of mental health screenings, advocating at local, state, and federal levels to enact change, and ultimately the fighting for the individual’s right to live. These values are going to be touched upon throughout the website and everything mentioned within this post is going to be included no matter how difficult the process may be. Advocating for this specific issue at this time in society is something that is truly going to make an impact, big or small, and anything I can do to aid advocating for this cause is important to me. The most affective means of advocating is through educating, so I plan to do just that to really connect with my audience. My information, although geared towards younger individuals, is going to include all the necessary information for individuals not considered young adults or children. This is going to hopefully aid in taking the stigma around gun control away so that all individuals can voice their opinions properly with the right information. The ultimate goal is to educate individuals enough to want to advocate alongside me and vote in the next election for stricter gun laws and government officials that support gun control.

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