RCL2: Diversity Within the Media

“Diversity is another way of saying specificity, and specificity is just more entertaining. The less homogenous TV is, the less boring it is.” An article posted in the New York Times following the whiteness associated with the 2016 Oscars nominations details the significance and importance of representation within the media, including examples of pieces found […]

RCL1: Deliberation on Feminism

Merriam-Webster’s Words of 2017 List includes the discussion topic for this week’s blog post: feminism. According to Merriam-Webster, Feminism, by definition, is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes; organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests”. In theory and practice, this political ideology makes absolute sense to the […]

This I Believe

    I believe in forgiveness. There are many individuals in this world that for lack of a better term fit under the character description of “toxic”. One does not generally assume that that individual may be one of the most significant influences in a child’s life; a parent, a father, and one of the […]

CI2: Case #1 of the Wrongly Accused

Imagine spending more than thirty years on Death Row for a crime that you did not commit. Has the justice system failed you? This is the story of Lester Bower, a man convicted in 1984 of murdering four men all of whom he had associated with but only to buy an ultralight aircraft. A constitutional […]

CI1: Death Penalty

Disclaimer: I admit to being bias towards my own political beliefs in my upcoming blogs. I do not mean to offend any other individual or miseducate. I am simply going to discuss these civic issues in upcoming blogs as if I were with a close friend. I am open to all feedback (preferably positive because […]

RCL #10: Contract

“Me Too” Movement Malisa Yin, Emma Davies, Liz Druschel, Kristin Sickau, Nora Tietjens, Eva Ragonese For our history of a public controversy movement project, we are going to investigate the controversial “me too” movement that has sparked conversation across social media these last few months. In our video, we will highlight the different opinions on […]

RCL #9: An Idea…

Introduction: The workplace has revolutionized the way in which businesses interact with their consumers, expand their companies, and ultimately thrive as brands. The evolution of wireless devices and connection has increased the mobility of companies by large percentages due to their increasing presence and usage in society. Wireless devices entertain the idea that business can […]

RCL #8: A Shift…

Introduction: Can you guess what cell phones, printers, and the internet all have in common in this day in age? The three items have all become wireless since their origination in the world. Modern-day society is dominated by wireless devices and can be found virtually everywhere you turn. Individuals of all ages own and operate […]

RCL #7: A Visual…

Addario’s It’s What I Do has the ability to strike readers’ emotions through not only her writing but the visuals she provides her audience. Taken alongside her experiences, these images allow the reader to form a visual of the true life of an American journalist during the war in Iraq. Addario often mentions her passion […]