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My taste in music ranges drastically depending on the day, but my roots are founded in alternative rock bands. There are countless songs that I have learned from this band on the guitar because of how catchy and mesmerizing their sound is. I have never been into the genre of “rap”, but I find myself attracted to songs that keep the pace flowing.

Music Suggestion of The Week:  Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys formed in 2002 in the suburbs of Sheffield. This English rock band has produced five albums, an additional one coming out this year, over the course of their career. They’ve gained the majority of their fame through the internet since their career picked up at a time where “fandoms” began forming through the various social media platforms. Their psychedelic sound has created a fanbase of dedicated followers who utilize the music that the Arctic Monkeys put out to socialize and make friends.

Alex Turner (lead vocals), Jamie Cook (guitar), Nick O’Malley (bass guitar), and Matt Helders (drums) currently are the comprising members of the rock group and each have contributed to the reputation of the group. Turner delivers each of his thoughtfully worded lines at a rapid pace which works in favor of the uniqueness of the group (and allows their sound to get caught in listener’s heads). Some of their catchiest tunes go by the names of “Do I Wanna Know” and “R U Mine?”. Notice their bold use of the “?” in the song title, and then take a listen here:





This band reminds me an awful lot of summer nights, partially because I listen to them during the summer and because of their sound. The beats created only furthered my interest in the band and allowed me to discover a whole variety of musicians based off of their sound. Turner cites John Lennon as one of his biggest influences in writing many of the songs that grace their albums. Their knack for delivering a well thought out, compelling monologue that lasted longer than a verse was what got them to where they are now. I will cite Arctic Monkeys as one of my biggest music influences (especially now that they’re releasing new material for me to work with).

I am attracted to bands that heavily use a beat to drive their songs, but I am also attracted to the messages that the bands put out through a song. The graceful delivery of dealing with many modern day nuances such as failed relationships and growing old through song really must have an original sound to spark my interest since those topics are found throughout the entire spectrum of artists. Arctic Monkeys perfectly illustrate what originality can do for a band.

Listen to one of my favorite songs by the Arctic Monkeys here:



Another good one to get into:



If you have a chance in your busy schedule to explore a new artist, take some time reading through my blog to see if you can find one that sparks your interest. The best way to start a friendship is to share a bit of yourself with one another: use music to help you.


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