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Have you ever heard a song that entranced you for days on end? So much so that you listened to it every time you got in the car. You watched the music video every time you thought of the song. Have you ever heard an album that entranced you for weeks on end? Months on end? Years on end? There are VERY few artists/ bands that have this effect on me, and the Music Suggestion of the Week is one of them. There are few albums that I can listen to in its entirety, let alone multiple albums, and I am happy to say that I can do that with Twenty Øne Piløts’s albums.

Music Suggestion of the Week: Twenty Øne Piløts

Something really special about this band to me is just how quickly their music consumed my life. Prior to this band, I had never sat down with a band that I had just discovered and truly listened to every single, EP, album, etc. put out. I was introduced to this band’s music through a close friend who had an extra ticket to one of their summer concerts in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Being the concert junkie I am, I excitedly agreed to be her date and ended up accepting the challenge of familiarizing myself with their music with the two weeks I had before the show. This was truly one of the best decisions of my life because not only did I discover songs that helped me get through the tough times, but I found songs that allowed me to meet new people and form friendships right off the bat (Pro tip: Finding similar music tastes when meeting new people is a great way to start a friendship/ relationship!).

Twenty Øne Piløts was formed by member Tyler Joseph along with former bandmates Nicholas Thomas (2007-2011) and Christopher Mark Salih (2009-2011). Joshua Dun, a local drummer at the time, heard one of their SoundCloud releases and seeing as he was a co-worker of Salih and friend of the group, he was offered a gig. Joseph and Dun have successfully turned what was originally a basement project into one of the biggest acts of the past few years. With sold out shows, festivals, and stadium tours, Twenty Øne Piløts has made a platform of their own. With the retirement of My Chemical Romance, many individuals believe that the equivalent can be found in this band with their powerful ballads and strong moral messages displayed throughout each of their pieces. The alternative genre has grown under these bands and Twenty Øne Piløts is only furthering that growth.

Here’s my ALL TIME favorite song by them:


If you don’t know this one, you probably didn’t listen to the radio for the past two years:


And another…:


I would recommend this band’s entire discography to anyone willing to listen, so if you have the time, really delve into all that they have to offer. Their talent is something else.

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