Some thoughts: I am going to share a secret or two on this blog post that I have been keeping to myself and those individuals closest to me for years: I battle with anxiety and depression. Now you may be thinking that this is more common than one would think, so why keep it a secret? I have always been what music has been to me to the people in my life. When individuals were/ are facing their darkest demons, I would be/ am the individual that they can reach out to at 3:00am (thanks, insomnia!) to talk them off a ledge because, I too, am standing right there with them. Through the numerous panic attacks that my lack of participation in Spanish offsets to witnessing firsthand the effects of alcohol on an individual, I turn to one song that always has the ability to calm me down and make me take a step back. “Autumn Leaves” by Ed Sheeran is equivalent to that individual that I need at 3:00am.

Music Suggestion of the Week: Ed Sheeran

Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and raised in Framlingham, Suffolk, this English singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and actor has created and wrote the majority of your favorite songs. Whether it be a song of his like “The A Team”, “Thinking Out Loud”, or “Shape of You” or a song such as “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber, “Dark Times” by the Weeknd, or “Little Things” by One Direction, you can always count on this ginger to deliver a hit. Although there are those individuals opposed to how high of a pedestal others put him on, he is one of the most deserving individuals that has ever been placed there because of his sincere talent and work ethic that goes into each of his song. A lot of respect should be granted to individuals who do all of the work themselves to make their music.

I became a fan of Ed Sheeran through my obsession (yikes) with One Direction back in middle school, and I do not regret it. The first song that I ever heard by Sheeran was “Grade 8” when I was driving home from a school function with my friend, and I was instantly hooked by the sound and guitar rifts. I later discovered how truly beautiful and meaningful all of his work was.

I saw Ed Sheeran in concert with Taylor Swift where I heard one of my favorite songs performed by the two of them:

For some reason the video wouldn’t load, so click here:


Here is my favorite song:


If you would like to listen to songs with more depth into how meaningful each of his songs are, really take time to listen to the words of these next few selections:





It is important to note his passion for music as well. There are not many individuals in the mainstream music world that are solely there for the music because so many of them are caught up in the fame and money. Ed Sheeran is one of the most humble beings in the industry and has one of the strongest relationships with his fans in public. He is definitely an artist to appreciate.

I cannot do Ed Sheeran’s work any justice with my words because frankly I can not deliver my thoughts as cleanly as he can, so I recommend starting with his early pieces and moving forward. His earlier pieces have much more substance than what is assumed of his previous work. All in all, I praise this man’s talent and will continuously support all of he ventures into the business because I feel that he is one of the most deserving individuals for the job.

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