Bud Shuster Distinguished Transportation Lecture

“The point is, it’s not easy but if there is a real problem and if we can see the benefits of dealing with the problems, then we can fix them,” said Congressman Bud Shuster to the attendees of The Thomas D. Larson Distinguished Transportation Lecture. Throughout his lecture Shuster educated the audience on the importance of continuing to improve the growth of transportation in the United States. He says that it is necessary to build the case to define what the needs are for the future to improve.

Shuster presented dozens of solutions to the problems he addressed. His overall advice to the students and other members of the audience is to use their expertise to engage and communicate their ideas for change and improvement. He also stressed that the improvement of roads and transportation systems save lives as well as create more jobs.

The Thomas D. Larson Institute initiated the Distinguished Transportation Lecture in 2008. Follow the link to view the lecture from Shuster and previous lecturers.

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