It’s a Small World: Nano Mechanical Systems Group studies mechanics and physics of nano scale material

Mechanical engineering Professor Aman Haque; mechanical engineering doctoral candidates Raghu Pulavarthy, Tarek Alam, and Baoming Wang; and mechanical engineering undergraduates Kyle Maletto and Tianyu Zhang discuss their respective areas of research in the Nano Mechanical Systems Laboratory.

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Promoting Independence: Student Team Designs Utensil Holder for Individuals with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease

A team of senior engineering students designed a fork and spoon holder for the Central PA SCI Support Group. The device took second place at the College of Engineering Design Showcase, and the students’ video won the capstone video competition award.


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Minding Their Manners: Students Learn Etiquette Skills at Annual Dinner

by Shreya Trivedi

BMW. The immediate image these letters invoke in one’s mind is of a sleek and luxurious automobile. But for members of Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Society of Hispanic Professionals (SHPE) at Penn State who attended the etiquette dinner on Thursday, January 22, it means something entirely different.

Ms. Diana Zeisky, the etiquette coach at the event, etched a new meaning for BMW in our minds – Bread, Meal and Water.

The Etiquette Dinner is organized by SWE every year at The Nittany Lion Inn. The attendees have a great opportunity to network with students from different majors.

Increasing number of employers are conducting interviews or corporate dinners or networking events which includes food. Learning about etiquette is a very important skill for students as it helps establish the self-confidence needed for job interviews conducted over a lunch. Interviews are stressful enough without having to wonder what fork should be used during which course or what to do with your napkin if it falls on the floor. Also it is important to learn the soft skills to differentiate yourself from all the other candidates.

The etiquette dinner gave the students an opportunity to avoid any embarrassing table stories.
The dinner began with introductions and small talk, before the students began the delicious four-course meal. Ms. Zeisky started with the importance of a firm handshake and demonstrated the same with volunteers from the audience.

For every course, she told us to go ahead in the way we thought was right and then demonstrated the correct way to go about eating that course of the meal. She also discussed the different resting position and position indicating that you are done with the meal. These little things are of importance as you are at the event to network or concentrate on the interview and hence you don’t want to be bothered by the waiter asking to clear your plate.

And the most important message that she gave was etiquette is not just about eating, it is rather about the conversation.

The dinner event would not have been possible without the generosity of SWE’s corporate sponsor – Noble Energy, and of course the very talented and inspiring coach Ms. Diana Zeisky.

Whilst this annual event gives much needed confidence boost to our members, our sponsors also get an opportunity to showcase and position their organizations, and let prospective applicants know about various employment opportunities and what skills are they are seeking.

Shreya Trivedi is a junior majoring in aerospace engineering with minors in Engineering Leadership  Development and Engineering Entrepreneurship. A native of Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India), she serves as professional development director for the Society of Women Engineers and the Engineering Orientation Network, and a Resident Assistant for Penn State’s Residence Life. Shreya hopes to someday pursue a career in the aerospace field.

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