Research Group Studies Ways to Treat and Prevent Injuries

Reuben Kraft, Shuman Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Rebecca Fielding, Teja Garimella, and Allison Ranslow, mechanical engineering graduate students, discuss the Computational Biomechanics Group at Penn State. The researchers are focused on understanding the mechanics and physics of biological systems using computational methods in three broad areas: 1) multiphysics, multiscale computational mechanics and methods, 2) problems at the interface of biology and multiscale mechanics, and 3) humans in extreme environments.

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Making the World a Better Place

Hosam Fathy, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and grad students Sergio Mendoza, Jariullah Safi and Michelle Kehs discuss their research in the Control Optimization Laboratory and how they hope to use the optimal control theory to study areas that will make a positive impact, such as renewable energy generation, energy storage, and management of energy storage systems.


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Leading the Way in Additive Manufacturing and 3-D Printing Technology

Tim Simpson, co-director of the Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D); Erik Denlinger, Distinguished Graduate Assistant; Jeff Irwin and Joe Bartolai, graduate research assistants; and David St. John, post-doctorate researcher, discuss using CIMP-3D as a world-class resource for advancing and deploying additive manufacturing technology for critical applications.

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