It’s a Small World: Nano Mechanical Systems Group studies mechanics and physics of nano scale material

Mechanical engineering Professor Aman Haque; mechanical engineering doctoral candidates Raghu Pulavarthy, Tarek Alam, and Baoming Wang; and mechanical engineering undergraduates Kyle Maletto and Tianyu Zhang discuss their respective areas of research in the Nano Mechanical Systems Laboratory.

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Using High-Speed Diagnostics to Study Reacting Flows

Jacqueline O’ Connor, assistant professor of mechanical engineering; graduate students Meghan Borz, Wyatt Culler, Sam Hansford, and Anand Makwana; and undergraduate student Joe Crane discuss their research in the Reacting Flow Dynamics Laboratory.

The lab focuses on issues of reacting flows for energy and propulsion applications. High-speed laser diagnostics and other state-of-the-art experimental techniques are used in research areas such as combustion, hydrodynamic instability, and thermoacoustics.

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Researchers Develop Foundation for Use of Intense Ultrafast Lasers

Igor Jovanovic, associate professor of nuclear engineering; Kyle Hartig and Bryan Morgan, nuclear engineering gradate students; and Scott Wandel, nuclear engineering doctoral candidate discuss how the Intense Laser Laboratory helps in their research to enhance the use of intense ultrafast lasers in science, industry, and security.

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