First-year Engineering Design

Each semester, students in EDSGN 100: Introduction to Engineering Design demonstrate their newfound design abilities through a sponsored final project. This website is a resource for students currently enrolled in EDSGN 100 and for potential sponsors of future projects.

The water inflow rate is specified to be 10 gpm. Is it 10 gallons total for the entire time, per square ft, per cubic foot, or other?

This is 10 gpm for the entire mine. So assume that you have a constant inflow of water that needs to be evacuated from the mine or controlled.

Is the temperature of the water the same temp as the air in the mine or hotter or colder?

This should not be considered an important factor in the project as it should not play into the productivity of the mine itself.

Does the baseline mine have automated /remote controlled equipment?

No, the mine intended to use Diesel equipment that was controlled by human operators.

How many people does the mine employ that work above and below ground?

The number of workers will be dependent on the production strategy. Only concern yourselves with the production workers in the mine, do not worry about how many work on the processing side, maintenance, management, or other areas. Assume that those people are part of the base costs of the mine and that the variable labor costs are made up by the production workforce only (e.g., the people responsible for extracting the ore and getting it to the surface). Assume that the mining company works its production workers for two 10 hours shifts and that they are production 80% of the time.

Approximate dimensions of the 3 mining machines discussed?

This information is very easy to find online.

Approximate cost of each of the 3 mining machines discussed if they run on diesel?

• LHD – $800,000 for a 10 Metric Ton Vehicle
• Haul Truck – $1,000,000 for a 30 Metric Ton Truck
• Drilling Jumbo – $600,000

What is the total area of the land above the mine the company owns or is renting?

The mining company owns the land and it comprises 2 square miles.

If the ore is $10,000/ton, is that the profit after expenses? If not what would be a baseline cost to run a mine?

That is the amount of revenue you can generate/ton of ore that is extracted from the mine.
• For variable costs, assume that your production workers are paid $50/hour.
• Assume that ventilation costs are 20% of your revenue unless diesel vehicles equipment is used in which case it would be 40% of your revenue.
• Assumed that electricity costs are $12 cents/kwh
• Assume that processing costs are $1000/ton
• Assume that base costs are fixed at $3 Billion/Year.

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