fall 2014 // MWF 11:15-12:05 // laura michael brown

journal #2

Find a “primary source” of your own and bring it with you to class. This could be a photograph, an article or newspaper clipping, a note/letter/card, some kind of school work, a yearbook, a fllyer, a program, a ticket stub, a knick-knack of some sort,  an audio or video recording, and so on and so forth…

For your journal response, you’ll write about that primary source and do some thinking about what kinds of information someone might be able to glean from your artifact. Answer the following questions in list or in paragraph form:

1) Why did you choose this item? Why is it important to you?

2) How did you acquire this item? Did you create it yourself? Was it given to you? By whom? Did you purchase it? What was the occasion that called for you to create/receive/purchase this item? How did you use it/interact with it when you first acquired it?

3) How do you use this item now? Is it something you interact with frequently? Or is it tucked out of sight most of the time?

4) Explain the materiality of your item. How was it created? What is it made of? Is there anything interesting to note about its physicality? For example, why is your letter written on a piece of paper torn from a notebook rather than a card? Explain the circumstances of its creation.

5) What does this item reflect about you as an individual? Even if it is an item that originally belonged to someone else, does this item communicate anything about you?

6) What does this item reflect about your family, friends, or community? What does it communicate about your relationships to those people?

Journal #2 is due in class 9/22, one full page minimum, typed (Times New Roman, 12 pt.), and printed. Your name and “Journal #2” will suffice as a header.

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