fall 2014 // MWF 11:15-12:05 // laura michael brown

peer review questions / annotated bibliography

Research Question

1. Does the bibliography begin with a research question? Is this question answerable? It is too broad/narrow or too objective/subjective? Should it be edited for any of these reasons? How so?

2. Does the research question clearly tie the sources and annotations together? Do any of the sources seem not to fit within the scope of the question? Should the question be edited to make the bibliography more cohesive? How so?

Discuss these questions for each of the five annotations

1. Is the source cited completely in (preferably) MLA format? Use your textbook/the Purdue OWL website to make sure that you have followed the format (even if you used some kind of citation generator–those tools are not foolproof).

2. Does the annotation include BOTH a brief description of the main argument of the source and a concise evaluation of the resource as it pertains to the topic/research question?

3. Do you understand the annotation? Putting someone else’s argument into your own words can be a challenge–has the writer clearly paraphrased the argument? Is there anything that confuses you? (If necessary, annotations can include brief quotes–no more than one line of text).

4. Does the annotation follow the word count requirements (between 100-150 words)? Writing with concision is another challenge of this assignment. For that reason, the word count requirement is strict.


1. Does the bibliography include each of the three required kinds of sources (book, scholarly peer-reviewed article, and published opinion piece)?

5. Overall, is the bibliography cohesive? Do each of the sources work together as a body of research that helps answer the research question, or do the sources seems scattered and disconnected? Are there any sources that the writer should reconsider?



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