Topic Proposal- Persuasive Essay

When the topic of a persuasive essay was brought up in class the other day I was really stumped. The only idea that I could think of off the top of my head was writing a very sarcastic argument as to why Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert should run for president and vice president in 2016. But after thinking about this I had two problems with it. One, there is no way that I would find enough reliable resources to back it up. And the second was that I thought it might be a bit too sarcastic. I then started to think about what I could do.

Another idea that I have is doing something on campaign finance. I was thinking about comparing things from past elections to today. I personally feel that money is way too much of an influence on who has power. It has basically come down to that if you don’t have money or know the right people then you have no chance of getting elected or even nominated for that matter. This is definitely something I feel strongly about, but I’d also have to do my research. As for finding research it is going to be easy to find information on this subject. As of right now this is my top choice.

Sorry for having so many, but this is my last one. I’ve been involved in the music programs at my schools since 7th grade. And over time I’ve developed strong views on the idea of the funding of music education. In my time, I’ve seen music programs go from top of the line to the bottom of the bucket. I haven’t done much research on this so I’m not too sure where I’d find information from. But it is another idea I’m toying with.

So for now my topic is looking like it will be campaign finance, but I’ll have to think before I make a final decision because I’m not too sure how I’d fit this into the advocacy part of the project.

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