My Top 75 Movies Everyone Should See Before Dying :) 44-30

44. Shrek (2001): I love this movie. It’s funny and I love the soundtrack. I remember that Donkey was my favorite character, probably because I was just as annoying as he was. Also, I feel like this was one of Eddie Murphy’s last good movies. Besides the whole Shrek series you don’t really hear much from him. Anyways, everytime I watch Shrek I just end up quoting it for days later. It’s a good movie if you’re looking for some time to kill and want to laugh at some pretty lame jokes.



43. Scooby Doo (2002): So, if you read my blog a couple of weeks ago, you saw how much I loved Scooby Doo, and because of that it is without a doubt that it would be on my list somewhere. It really isn’t my favorite movie, but I still think that they did an excellent job of casting actors that matched the cartoon characters. The only thing that I can say I didn’t like was the fact that Scrappy Doo was the villain. But other than that I approve, and everyone should look into watching it.


42. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989): The first time I saw this movie I had no idea what to think of it, probably because I was in like the fourth grade. I finally saw it again last year, and it was hilarious. I’m kind of a history buff and the inclusion of all of the historical people made me really excited. And the fact that they were so dumb just made it even better. If you haven’t seen this movie, look into it. It has a young Keanu Reeves in it. Haha.


41. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971): Well, let’s just say this was one of my favorite movies when I was younger. I think my mom was freaked out by it because she wouldn’t buy it, soevery couple of weeks when I went to my best friend’s house I’d ask if we could watch it. I still like it a lot. Gene Wilder did an awesome job matching the character of Willy Wonka. And this one was definitely better than the 2005 version. Also, it made me wish that I owned a chocolate factory, just so that I could have a candy room. It is such a good movie, minus the creepy factor. The boat scene still bothers me and the fact that the audience is never reassured that the other kids are still alive. But other than that it is one of my favorite movies.


40. Rush Hour (1998): This happened to be another movie I stumbled upon on HBO when I was home one summer. I was surprised that I actually liked it. I still watch it today and crack up at the drop of a hat. Jackie Chan makes the movie. And so does Chris Tucker. I wasn’t expecting much, but I really enjoyed it. And fun fact, my fifth grade teacher’s brother was the film editor, which was actually the only reason I ended up watching the movie. So don’t hold yourself back, seriously go watch it and get in some good laughs!


39. Star Trek II:  The Wrath of Khan (1982): I grew up watching Star Trek because my mom was a huge fan, and I really can’t blame her. She has several go to movies and this is one of them, naturally it has become one of my go to movies now. But the bad part is, if I watch one I have to watch the ones after it, but I’m okay with that. Anyways! This is a great movie. William Shatner was brilliant, especially in the scene when he just yelled, “KHAN!!!” And the fact that Spock risks his life to save everyone else. (Sorry for ruining it. :S) And the version of Amazing Grace that is played at his funeral is one of my favorites. It’s so moving and definitely sets the tone for the scene. Before you judge me for being weird, stop yourself and go watch the movie. It is worth it.


38. The Birds (1963): Alfred Hitchcock is my favorite. I could watch anything by him and be amused for days. These are the kind of horror movies that I like. It’s a bit gory and so creepy, but that’s what makes it. After watching it the first time I was petrified of birds. Actually I still am, but hey who cares, it’s a great movie!


37. A Christmas Story (1983): This is the classic Christmas movie that is extremely appropriate for any time of the year, especially during TBS’ 24 hour marathon on Christmas Eve. Something about the whole atmosphere just establishes a homie feel when you watch it. If I watch it early in the year, it makes me want Christmas, just so that I can experience my family and our wacky happenings. My favorite scene is the “Black Bart” scene. I always quote it and no one knows what I’m talking about. But that’s okay because I do. Haha and there are so many other quotable scenes in this movie that are great. This is definitely one of my favorite Christmas movies.



36. Live and Let Die (1973): This James Bond movie is interesting to say the least. The whole voodoo, tarot card thing is different and new to me. And this is probably the reason that I love the movie so much. Another reason I like it is because two times in the movie there is a traditional New Orleans parade where at first the people are all sad and blues music is playing, and then they stop, and start dancing and are happy. I fell over laughing the first time I realized what was going on. It is really sometimes the only reason that I watch the movie. It made me want a funeral like that. Haha, sorry that’s morbid, I know. But, other than that it’s a good movie, and come on, who doesn’t like a good, old 007 movie?



35. Grease (1978): Hello, John Travolta! I wish he would have just stayed that young forever. And this is on the list because it’s been my favorite musical since I was about 4. Back then I didn’t quite understand all of the references, but now I do and that kind of makes the musical hilarious. What makes it even better is that the music is so catchy. I could not watch the movie for a year and then be able to know almost all of the words. And then it gets stuck in my head for days afterwards.


34. Christmas Vacation (1989): This is another one of my favorite Christmas movies. When I was home my dad and I would watch it about once a month. My mom would ask us if something was wrong if we didn’t end up watching it. I guess it’s my favorite because it incorporates comedy and Christmas. Again, it’s one of those movies that I go around quoting and no one knows what I’m talking about. Besides the crude comedy, there are some good family values that come around. Eventually. And Johnny Galecki was Russ in this, and if you don’t know who he is, he is now playing Leonard on the Big Bang Theory. That made me really excited when I came to that realization.


33. Dead Poet’s Society (1989): I had always heard about this movie, but never watched it. Finally, my junior year of high school my English teacher showed it to us and I was forever in love with it. At first, I wasn’t sure how to handle a serious Robin Williams; he always was the comedic character in most of the movies he was in. But, he ended up surprising me a lot! Not only does it have a great plot, but the music is awesome too. It’s kind of solemn, but it completely matches the movie. You should definitely look into watching this because it’ll be worth your time.


32. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984): Again, don’t judge me. I grew up with this and I love Spock. Seeing him progressively get older, at a fast rate was pretty cool. And it’s nice to see the connection between Spock and Kirk. And it provides a sort-of happy ending that makes it better than the second movie.


31. Toy Story (1995): If you haven’t seen Toy Story you really need to reevaluate your life. I’m kidding… Kind of. This is such a great movie and it makes your imagination broaden. I know it made me wonder if my toys were talking to each other every day when I wasn’t around. And it was Pixar’s first computer animated movie that really got their business started. It revolutionized how cartoon movies were made and what went into them.


30. The Dark Knight (2008): Something about the Joker attracted me to this movie a lot. I don’t know if it was because he was played by Heath Ledger, or if I just thought he was hilarious (at points). In all it was put together well and the action scenes were pretty intense. And Heath Ledger did an awesome job as the Joker, as did Christian Bale as Batman. And of course the music is great too! I love listening to it when I’m walking because it makes me feel cool, like I’m Batman or something. Anyways, it’s awesome and you should watch it if you haven’t.


Next week I’ll be doing 29-15! I’m almost done! Woo! Haha


3 responses to “My Top 75 Movies Everyone Should See Before Dying :) 44-30

  1. Adison Godfrey

    There are so many of these that I agree with (but also so many that I haven’t seen, and I feel like I need to have a movie marathon in the near future, haha). The Dark Knight is definitely one of my all-time favorites – I’ve seen it so many times, and I love The Dark Knight Rises almost just as much. Shrek, Scooby Doo, and Toy Story would also be on my list. I actually watched Scooby Doo a couple weeks ago because it was on TV, and I got just as into it as I did when I was little. And Shrek and Toy Story are just classics.

    What are your thoughts of the other Shreks and Toy Storys? I haven’t even seen the most recent Shrek (I’m not even sure what number it was – 3? 4?), because I feel like they just can’t compare with the original, but I really love Toy Story 3. I’m hoping that the other “sequels” that are coming out soon – Finding Dory and Monsters University – are more along the lines of Toy Story 3 and don’t disappoint!

  2. Allison Lavella

    I love these lists! I honestly am going to reference these over the sumer when I am looking for something to watch! I love Shrek! I guess it is a kids movie, but I can still remember my parents enjoying it as much as my brother and I! Every year on Thanksgiving, my parents and I watch Christmas Vacation to get into the Christmas spirit. It blew my mind when I realized that Russ was Leonard! You have a fantastic taste in movies!

  3. John Mattiace

    Isn’t Eddie Murphy making like another comeback? His career has survived so many dives . . .
    In any case, I’m still intrigued at how you can mix silly movies like Scooy-Doo with seriously good ones like The Birds or Dead Poets’ Society. I’m not trying to say your taste in movies is wrong (tastes are subjective, and anyway, I like basically all the movies you list), I just think it’s interesting. I’m impressed that you have Bill and Ted on this list. Bravo.

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