Last WIP E-Portfolio

To be quite frank, I haven’t really thought about my e-portfolio yet. I know for sure I want to include my persuasive paper. I didn’t proofread it before submitting it and probably shouldn’t have done that. I’ll probably also focus a lot on my work from the first semester because if I remember correctly it was sad. I guess for my cover letter I’ll talk about how through my blogs I slowly became more myself. At the beginning I tried to be all proper and stuff, but as the semester went on I got more relaxed. I had a bad habit of including my dry, sarcastic humor within my blogs (which might not have always been evident). Maybe it wasn’t such a bad habit, I’ll probably end up exploring that in my cover letter. And to demonstrate the differences in my blog I’ll probably include my first passion blog and compare it with my last passion blog. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to sit down and work on my e-portfolio. Surprisingly I have more ideas than I thought I did and that makes me feel better.

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