I.D. Centre Stage

At this moment, a present action of modern injustice takes place outside of the performance’s intended stage action. This biased reaction directly contributes to the show’s sole purpose of conduct; to inform and engage the authentic problem of cultural separation in America.

Prior to a particular moment furthering toward final bows, acceptance between characters in “I.D.” blossom. Those portrayed on stage don individual outfits that reveal personality, yet they all share pigments of black and white that are heavily incorporated into each outfit. Onlookers may miss this important and creative choice, ultimately aiding in the addition of meaningful depth behind a non-existent concept known as “race.”  With a mutual sight of symmetry-by-color, or lack thereof, these characters convey their precedingly non-educated and closed-minded personalities prior to eye-opening junctures.

Erik Gutschmidt, a Penn State student, delivered testimony that could arguably predict cases of inevitable public feedback.

“I loved the show, especially with the Spanish heritage points that were added in,” he said. Bells ring true upon Gutschmidt’s physical delivery within response, using both index and pointer fingers to create quotation marks when he voiced “Spanish.” Folks would walk out of a Penn State Centre Stage original production thinking of it as a memorable performance.

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