Paper #3 Idea

For Paper 3, I decided to write a rhetorical analysis on a satiric piece because I really enjoyed analyzing the ad and news articles on the last papers. In “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Fashion,” clothing stores, such as Gap, retail their items at a low price because they use over seas sweatshops. Clothing companies manufacture their garments in sweatshops in poor countries like India and Bangladesh. These sweatshops are basically a shack with humble infrastructure that fit a large number of workers in horrible conditions. The primary argument against sweatshops is that their workers are almost enslaved and that there is an excess of child labor. John Oliver exaggerates his examples to capture the audience’s attention and get them to agree with him that sweatshops are unacceptable. My plan is to analyze the content of the piece on ethos, pathos, and logos. But, also, on other rhetorical terms such as strategies used by John Oliver to get his point across.