Personal Stake on State Patty’s Day

I think State Patty’s Day is a great tradition that students at Penn State really look forward to. But, I believe in moderation. This tradition has gotten out of hand and needs a few adjustments in order to keep students safe. I agree that damage control is necessary because students with reckless behavior should not be vandalizing and causing problems in State College. I think the increase in the amount of police officers at the event would help control the situation a little more. I would also set a time frame on which bars have to be open and closed. Since State Patty’s Day is a student run event, eliminating the holiday would be discourage the students who run it in their attempt to unify the community in a fun way. This holiday affects bars and restaurants positively by increasing their profits. Therefore, if the activity is cancelled, small State College business would be hurt economically. In conclusion, State Patty’s Day is a holiday created to gather the Penn State community together and there is no need to drink excessively or behave recklessly to enjoy it.