Deliberation Reflection

At the beginning of the deliberations, I was a little worried of the outcome of them because everyone sort of agreed on the topics. But, after a few opinions were said, the exchange of different ideas and disagreements arose. I enjoyed deliberating because it was a different approach to learning as opposed to the everyday classroom dynamic. Also, deliberating was fun because students were sharing their views in a friendly way and we all got to know each other a little more. The topics that I got to deliberate on were stress and State Patty’s Day. I thought the two of them were interesting and every student could relate to them.

I am honestly not sure about what topic to use in my paper because I like both stress and State Patty’s Day. Stress is something¬†everyone, in this case students, experience. Therefore, I could write a lot on it and the different ways to cope with stress. State Patty’s Day is a Penn State holiday and an activity many students engage in, so it would be interesting to explore it more. I think¬†that stress is a popular topic, so maybe I would pick State Patty’s Day just to change it up.