Deliberation Topic

State Patty’s Day

to whom? University/State College police, business owners

Problem: The holiday has gotten out of proportions. Students get out of control by drinking excessively, vandalizing, and having reckless behavior. They are putting themselves and others in danger.

What needs to be better? Damage control and safety of students

Damage control: more university/state college police presence, control visitors, open/close bars at certain hours, assign a designated area/areas where people can be

Some questions to be answered:
What has happened in the past?
What are some statistics or information of past offenses such as citations, arrests, vandalism…?
What is the purpose of the holiday?
What can the administrators of the holiday improve on?
What can police improve on?
What can bar owners improve on?

Interviews: upperclassmen who have participated in the event, classmates who participated in the deliberation during class last week, interview professor

Discuss all approaches
Do not shut the whole thing down completely.
News reports

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  1. Martin Luther King said “blah blah blah” (qtd. in “State Patty’s Issue Guide”).

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