Course Description

ENGL 202D is an advanced writing course designed to help you to develop the writing strategies that you will need to write successfully on the job and to help you to understand why those strategies are appropriate and effective.  A key emphasis will be on rhetorical principles of effective communication, including analyzing audience and defining clear, actionable purpose.

You’ll gain experience with a wide range of business writing genres, including reports, letters, job application documents, emails, memos and web applications like business blogs, online articles, social media profiles and personal branding.  You will also about the importance of document design, including how best to utilize headings, page layout, graphics and other visuals to maximize the potential for communication success.

What will you learn in Business Writing?

We divide the learning goals for this course into two areas:

Rhetorical knowledge:

  • Know the rhetorical conventions of common business communication genres.
  • Identify and analyze your audience to determine how best to address them.
  • Evaluate business writing for purpose and effectiveness; apply those insights to your own writing.

Process knowledge:

  • Employ technology to design documents effectively.
  • Integrate quantitative information and other source material in your business writing
  •  Collaborate effectively with peers to create effectively written documents.
  • Show competence in fundamentals of business style.

Teresa Hamilton, Lecturer

Office Location: 120 Burrowes Desk B (South)

Office Hours:

Monday 10:00-11:00 

Wednesday 11:30-2:00

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