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Designing a Portfolio Website

An e-Portfolio is an electronic collection of artifacts that shows learning over time. Within an e-Portfolio you will find artifacts or evidence that may include writing samples, photos, videos, observations, lessons, artwork and more. You will also find reflections or narratives, which are a key component telling why the artifact was chosen and what was learned from the process.

Several types of portfolios have been identified at Penn State:

Student learning portfolios are purposeful collections of examples of student work annotated (ideally) with students’ reflective commentary. Examples may be drawn from assignments associated with a single course, or from curricular and co-curricular activities spanning a student’s entire academic career.    (Linn and Gronlund 2000, Yancey 2001a).

Teaching portfolios consist of course syllabi, assignments, student work, and other artifacts, collected by practicing or aspiring teachers with the intent of fostering self

Ex… e-portfolio highlights professional work (might not include all “work experience” such as customer service)

The following link is a Guide to Designing a Portfolio Website