Discrimination of People with Genetic Anomalies

Once we have full knowledge about genetics, it is said that each human could have a card with all their genetic information. At this point, the possibility of an individual with healthier genetics to discriminate a human with poor genetics greatly increases (Hunt).

Any person that has a healthy genetic code and wants to have children is going to look for a couple that is healthy as well, not a person whose genetic code has anomalies. Of course, this would ensure that their children would be born completely healthy or at least free of genetic diseases. This preference of healthy people wanting to group with other healthy people would result in the exclusion of people who do not fit in this category.


Figure 8: Exaggerated Future Job Application. Source: Council for Responsible Genetics.

Also, the information of the genetic code could be used against a person. Currently, insurance companies ask for the family’s predisposition to diseases such as heart problems, cancer, mental diseases, etc. What they are actually asking for is the genetic inclination of the customer to have this sicknesses. People with “unhealthy” genes could be targeted by insurance companies to pay higher premiums (Hunt).