Genetically Modified Food Example

If we wanted to protect crops of soybeans from certain insects, we could use two techniques: To use pesticides or to genetically engineer soybeans to produce a “natural” pesticide.

Currently, chemically pesticides are sprayed on the soybeans. When the insects come in contact with the pesticide on the soybeans, they will die. This method is costly and time consuming.

A bacteria within the soybeans is responsible for killing the insects. The trait that is desired is the naturally produced bacteria. A sample of the pesticide is taken and the bacteria is isolated, next the bacteria DNA is copied several times. This copied DNA is then placed within the soybeans tissues. If done successfully, offspring of this genetically modified soybean plant should “naturally” produce the bacteria. Once this is done the only thing required to protect the soybeans from insects is a seed. This method does away with the costly/time consuming chemical pesticides used today.