TB Resistant Cows

Researchers are finding a solution to tuberculosis in cows.  Using a mouse gene that is better at slowing down the growth of Mycobacterium Bovis helps make the cattle less susceptible to tuberculosis.  Researchers in Shaanxi, China have chosen the gene for its known role in innate immunity to TB, where it triggers infected cells to undergo cell death (Rood, 2015).


Figure 9: Cow. Source: Scientists.com

In the field, tests were conducted to see how resistant the new cows were to TB.  Out of 9 transgenic cows that were exposed to cattle that was infected with TB, 6 did not contract the virus and the other 3 cattle showed fewer symptoms then the control cattle (Rood, 2015).

There were also questions about if the gene would be passed successfully to offspring cattle. After more research they found that the genes were successfully being transferred to offspring (Rood, 2015).